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Have Your Oil Changed Regularly and See the Benefits at 1st Choice Motors

At our service center for those in Madison Heights and the Amherst and Lynchburg areas you're able to have all your maintenance needs covered, and we do it by providing you with basic repairs and services such as oil changes. Everyone knows an oil change is essential to your vehicle's overall health, and there's plenty of benefits to getting it done at the dealership.

When Should Your Oil Be Changed?

Your oil should be changed at regular intervals, but also depending on your driving habits. If you are taking frequent commutes and put a lot of miles on your vehicle, we'd recommend sticking closer to the every 3,000 miles mark, while most drivers who have the normal amount of driving in a full year are generally able to go every 6,000 miles between oil changes. It also depends on the type of oil you get, and at our dealership we use many different types, and our Madison Heights service center team is happy to consult with you on which one is best.

The benefits to regular oil changes are many. You'll be ensuring your engine is running clean as it is able to clear out any buildup onboard for smoother driving and better efficiency from your vehicle. A used car, truck or SUV with regular oil changes also has the ability to last longer, which makes getting changes done beneficial for everyone in the Lynchburg area.

Why Change Your Oil at 1st Choice Motors near Lynchburg?

There's also a benefit to changing your oil at our used car dealership in Madison Heights. You don't have to get your hands dirty for one, and it's a quick and easy service we can have done in a short amount of time. We'll also make sure to inspect any other areas to see if there's related issues, but you know you're getting a professional job, and a job well done.

If you're ready to have your oil changed, schedule a service appointment with us today and we'd be happy to fit you in!

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